Carb Cycling when Training Really Late

Hello Everybody,

I just red the carb cycling codex article and i found it pretty similar to my lifestyle. Allthought i have a matter to discuss. I train 4 times/week in H.I.I.T mainly. I train everytime for about an hour but the time that i train is 22:00 in the night cause of working and family matters.

So, How do we manage carbs these hours?
I understand that i can concume some carbs around 20:00 and a protein-carbs shake right after at 23:00 but that`s all. At 24:00 i have to go to bed causei wake up early in 07:00 (yes, you understood well, my schedule do not have a pause from 07:00 till 23:00).

What is your opinion on the matter, do i mess muscle building because i can not eat a proper meal before bedtime?