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Carb Cycling Weekly, Works?

Hey whats up?

Im thinking about carb cycling not daily, but weekly.
Would it be effective?

It works like this:

Low carb week - 6 low carb days with carbs less then 50g daily (after workout) and 1 re-feed day
Workout would be circuit and 30 min cardio at night

Moderate carb week - 6 moderate carbs day with carbs around 250g daily
Workout would be circuit and mon - wed - friday HIIT after workout, and 30 min joggin at night on the other days

What you guys think about it? would be less effective than the normal 1 low day - 1 moderate approach?


What would be the point of this? I don’t get it. Why refeed if you plan on doing an entire week of moderate carbs. Also, why an entire week of moderate carbs?

Well i dont know, im just thinking about it

Its “easier” for me to do a whole week the same thing other than change everyday, dont know why.

The re feed would be just to choke the body and eat more calories than im using for one day… and just in the low carb weeks.

something like
low x 6 than high x1 than mod x 7

Its just an idea



Have a hard workout or a leg day?
Eat more

Every other workout?
Eat a ton, but not as much

Don’t work out that day?
Eat a little less


There are a lot of options, and its a very complex topic. It depends on the type of training, the person, the amount calories, etc. etc…

But heres a little reasoning.

The point of low carb is to cut fat. You’ll want to be in a caloric deficit, and higher protein/fat will be helpful in maintaining muscle during this time.

The point of refeeds, or cycling carbs like you would be doing is to prevent your body from adapting and slowing the metabolism and burning muscle.

So if your refeeds are adequate during the lowcarb week, you dont need to cycle up the next week. But if your first week didn’t have refeeds, or had some serious depletion workouts, then cycling up might be a good idea.

Also its going to depend a lot on your goals and your current body. If you have a lot of fat to lose, you’ll generally want to go for longer periods on lower carb/calories. If you are already lean, and are trying to get really cut, then you’ll need more carbs, and refeeds more often.

And then your training is going to affect it a lot. I see you already have an idea about this as you didn’t try to pair low carb with HIIT, but the frequency, and volume of your weight training will be a factor as well. It will be really complex, so my advice would be to read up on carb cycling and realize that there arent any real clear guidelines to follow; yet.


Well my stats are 5’9 86kg and around 18% BF… i want to be around 9/10% bf.

I did 2 weeks of low carb diet with a “refeed”(not that hard refeed, might be the problem) on weekends… and its working kinda good but my weight did not drop… it aways around 85/86kg … but ppl and the mirror show im leaning out.

I should just stick to it but with a better refeed once a week, or try to cut down a little of the defict as i was eating around 1800kcal a day and working out and doing cardio every weekday.

Well ill stick to it this week and see what happens i think…


Well if your weight isn’t changing, you are taking in too many calories. But on the other hand, if you are losing fat without losing weight then thats even better. Stick with it and see what happens