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Carb Cycling vs. Get Shredded Diet


Hey guys, I'm trying to decide what diet to go on. I am 6'1", used to weigh ~160 and bulked up over 3 months to about 215. That was over a year ago. Since then my weight has stayed steady around there. I now weigh about 220.

I'm unsure of my body fat percentage but I'm sure it's 25%+ at this point.
1 RM
Bench = 240 lb
Squat = 375+
Curl = 120
Deadlift = haven't been able to do it because of injury.

I've accumulated decent muscle at least compared to where I was. The only problem is that the fat is getting ridiculous. I don't want to be bulky anymore. I want to cut it with the least muscle mass loss as possible. That's why I'm weighing these two diets.

I bought all of the supplements for the 'Get Shredded Diet" and calculated out some example meals but I missed the part where it said you should be under 20% body fat. I'm guessing that it's because it's not a sustainable way to keep the weight down. That's when I looked into carb cycling. It seems easier and safer for muscle retention, but it might take longer.

Supplements I bought: Greens+, CLA, HOT-ROX, Creatine, BCAA, ZMA, and a food scale.
I figure that I could apply these to any diet, so they won't be a waste.

I workout 4x a week with:
Day 1: chest, upper back
Day 2: Squats, Abs, Lunges
Day 3: off
Day 4: arms
Day 5: off
Day 6: shoulders
Day 7: off

Any ideas? I'm kind of unsure what to go for here. Thanks for your time.


IMO....new muscle must be maintained for at least a year prior to any cut.
You must have used the 'see-food' diet to add that much weight in three months. You may be able to do some damage control, but any serious calorie restriction is going to create problems.

(25% @ 215 is 53.75 lbs of fat....IF every single pound you lost on your diet was from fat, you would have to get below 180 to reach 10%. Even if you managed an 80/20 ratio during the diet; the same 180 lbs would have you at about 15%) I don't believe this what you are after long term.

**I used BF% in my examlple because the OP used it in his post. While I do believe caliper readings have thier place relative to a specific lifter, I do beleive the BF% calculated from the readings are useful when comparing one lifter to another. It is really the reflection in the mirror that is the standard, and I suspect have a good idea what the OP is after.


Before starting your diet, probably a good thing to just clean it up? Still eat to grow/maintain!?!?!


Hmm so you're saying I should change my diet, but not do anything drastic? I could do that. Do you think carb cycling would be the way to go for that then? It seems to be the way to go to lose a little fat and gain some muscle.

Yeah, I think most of the added weight is from dairy. I don't really eat much bullshit beyond that. Sometimes the occasional taco bell.