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Carb Cycling Strictness


I am currently doing a combo of carb cycling and the warrior diet. I am loving it so far. But for carb cycling how strict are you supposed to be on carbs? Some of my protein shakes have dietary fiber which are carbs. Is fiber going to restore glycogen stores? And even on low carb days are u supposed to have carbs around or during your workout? What is the max you are supposed to have on a low carb day, is it supposed to be 0 carbs, or a little carbs, say 30-50 grams, would that even affect anything. I figured the point is to deplete glycogen stores but I hear so much the importance to have a postworkout drink etc. Any ideas? Thanks guys.


Count protein only from protein sources, carbs only from carb sources, and fats only from fat sources. Don't worry about the gram here, gram there.


dietary fiber will not be converted to glucose... it wont be converted to anything. your body doesnt break it down

your amount of carbs on low,med, and high days vary by person. some people have 150 gram carbs on low days and others have 30... its all individual


This all depends on your weight, your carb tolerance, etc. For myself (220lbs) a low carb day would be around 50g and I honestly would be able to do 75 too. Usually low carb days are on days where you don't lift so you won't necessarily need to worry about post-workout carbs.


Thanks for the replys. That is good to know that fiber doesn't get converted. I just need to stay away from simple sugars, grains, etc on low carb days and i will be good to go