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Carb Cycling Schedule

Hi fellas,

Im interested in trying out carb cycling for cutting. I have found approaches, and Im curious as to which one most use.
There is the first cycle approach which goes 3 days low carb 3 days high carb

or the second approach of
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - No carb days
Tuesday and Saturday - High carb days
Thursday and Sunday - Low carb days

or something to that effect… Im leaning toward the second approach unless im steared otherwise.

I have been a pretty big advocate of CKD but im just interested in trying this and seeing how it goes…

Im liking the second approach. I don’t like the idea of three high carb days in a row in the first approach. It doesn’t seem needed.

What days are you training on?

I’m carb cycling right now and have 4 high carb days, 2 super low carb days and one medium carb day.

But I’m not cutting right now, just looking to maintain for a few more weeks…then bump he calories up.

I’ve been doing it for about 3 weeks…I haven’t gained a pound (which is the plan) but my lifts have gone up in most all areas.

High carbs on training days. That’s key. Gotta feed your body.

See I was thinking about that, my plan was to go high carb days on my leg back and chest day, and go low carb on my arms/abs day and no carb on my HIIT day? I do really well on low carb so training isnt usuallt compromised too much as I am big on MCT oil and it works fantastically.

Sounds like a good approach. Right now I’m doing high-carb on my two lower body days, moderate on my two upper days, and low on the other three. Basically I do carbs around my workout on moderate days and add in a carb breakfast on high days.

Seems to be working great for keeping fat gains to a minimum and I plan on continuing this when cutting time rolls around.