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Carb Cycling Questions


Hey all,

I'm currently in my 8th week of p90x and decided to begin carb cycling a week and a half ago to really kick up my fat loss another notch. So far so good, I've felt I've lost a noticeable amount of water weight, spefically around my waist. I have a few questions, though, for people who have done carb cycling before.

So far I've been doing three very low carb days (80-100g, only eating carbs when waking up and post workout) followed by a higher carb day (200-250g, adding only complex carbs). I get at least 300g of protein on both low and high carb days. Is this correct? Should I be throwing a medium carb day in? What's the standard order?

Also I've been taking one fish oil tab three times a day, should I be taking more since I'm decreasing my carbs? I plan on continuing to carb cycle the remaining 5 weeks of p90x, and possibly 2 more after for a total of 8 weeks. Stats before p90x were 6'3", 230, about 15%BF, 285 bench, 435 dead lift. Currently 220, probably 12-13% bf and would like to get to 8% by the end of my cutting.


I'm very new to carb cycling and found this article very useful.




That article explains it pretty well. Basically, protein should remain a constant and carbs and fat shouldn't. It all depends on your progress with body fat loss. If you stall out, lower carbs a bit on both days. To keep it simple, try out 50g-75g non training, and 125-150g carbs training. Don't be afraid to toss in some all veggie/protein days for non training days.

Also, how much fat are you taking in, and what sources? (Remember you should be doing both omega-6 and 3's).

I don't know much about p90x, I'm more of a lifter for life instead of that body weight only stuff. But, how's your cardio looking? I would say doing 3-5x per week on a treadmill doing a fast paced walk around 25mins or so would help you out tremendously.