Carb Cycling Question

ok… CT says 2 different thing

  1. determine hi moderate and low carb days.

  2. calculate your energy expenditure

So what are u supposed to do…
This is my week:

Sunday: Upper body BB
Monday: Game
Tuseday: Lower Body ME+ Basketball
Wednesday: Off (Mobility\Agility)
Thursday: Upper body ME+ some basketball
Friday: Lower Body BB+ Practice

Low intensity cardio every morning before breakfast.

Goal: Muscle Gain- maintaining fat and hoping for fat lose by summer.

I cant go on bulking and cutting periods im a basketball player i need to be ripped all the time.

So, do I pre determain carb intake or calculate daily expenditure and decide what carb intake should be for that day.

And another thing… If I have a game at 8:30PM are you supposed to play on the carbs eaten at the morning ?! no carbs at lunch ?
only morning at post workout ? thats crazy…


I read CT’s Codex, and didnt have any questions. Reread everything, perhaps it will make more sense. Regardless, I think if you are a performance athlete, then carb cycling, or any kind of “diet” probably isnt your best choice.

That being said, I dont think you will do yourself any harm by taking in a P+C meal an hour or two before your game. Basically, most diets around this site are not focused towards the performance athlete, but more toward the bodybuilding community.

However, the CCC can be as simple or as complex as you want. Basically, the Carb Cycling works off this principle…

Calories in vs. Calories Out

So, your protein intake is always stationary. You use CHO to determine whether or not you are in positive or negative energy balance for the day.


One more thing, kick the cardio before breakfast. Go read Joel Marions Active Nutrition…

If your main goal is muscle gain, why do cardio in the morning when your body is feeding off of muscle?

CT does not say 2 different things.

The program, as described by CT expects you to determine your AVARAGE energy expenditure over the entire week. You seem like a busy boy but I don’t know about your extra-sports activities (work, study), but CT gave the formula to calculate your energy requirements. And use the acitivity lvl factor inclusing sports.

Hi carb days: tuesday, friday, perhaps you want to pick monday instead. Don’t want you to starve on the game day, do we?
mod carb days: monday (or if you have that on your hi carb days, then tuesday or friday), thursday
lo carb days: the others

Now, if you train, play, … using a heart monitor, that would probably give you an estimate on the energy spent.

You might decide to stray from the program and determine your base line energy requirement (use the activity lvl factor EXcluding sports), then add half of the energy spent on sport that day with extra carbs (expecting the other half to come from loosing body fat).

Re-evaluate after a couple of weeks.

And why are you doing UB the day before the game? Do you like sore arms on game day?