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Carb Cycling Question


Hey everyone!

I read Christian Thibaudeau's "Carb Cycling Codex" article (as I'm intending to cut) and I also read most of the questions and answers posted on this forum regarding this article. However, I'm still a little insecure about starting this plan in order to CUT. I'll explain why:

In order to mantain my current weight, which is 140 pounds, I have to consume 2700 calories (65% as carb, 20% as prot and 15% as fat). So, if I follow CT's plan, I'd have to reduce calorie intake by 10% (going to 2430kcal) and consume 1.25g of carb per pound of bodyweight on the "moderate days" (therefore 175g of carbs = 700 kcal) and the same amount of protein (175g = 700kcal).

So far it's 1400 calories and there's 1030 left of fat, which results in 114 grams! Isn't that way too much?? That's almost the amount of protein that the 220-pound bodybuilder should consume when trying to gain weight (according to the article example). Even if I reduce my calorie intake by 20% (calories from carbs and proteins remain the same, 700kcal each), the fat intake would be then 84g.

I'm really freaked out with that, is that correct (i'm pretty sure I did the math right)? Or does this plan only work for big guys? I don't want to increase the amount of protein and I'm really afraid of eating that amount of fat for someone who is used to eating 40 grams of fat per day (around 8 grams per meal). Am I making a big deal over this fat amount?



You're 140 pounds and you're cutting?
I swear they're is more and more of them everyday.
And eating fat doesn't make you fat, it's the incredible ammounts of bad fats mixed with carbs that are making us one of the fatest countries.


Two threads wit the Same exact ?, Same title.

EAT and Lift :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, see my response in the copy of this thread.