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Carb Cycling, Plan for High Days

Hi All,

Planning on my first fitness comp in May,

Starting carb cycling to cut up below is my complete day plan for high carb days. please advise me and comment, this will differ for the Low and No carb days.


High Day:
Wake up - 1scoop protein + 2teaspns Udoâ??s

  • 2 thermogenic tabs
    (170cal,20g protein,1.7g carbs,11.5gfat)

1hr later : Meal one
5egg whites boiled 85calories, 18g protein
1 whole egg boiled 65calories, 5.5gprotein, 4gfat
Totals: 150calories 23.5g protein, 4gfat

100g oats (dry weight) 380calories, 11g protein, 60g carbs, 8g fat
300ml skimmed milk: 95calories 10.2g protein 15g carbs (sugars)
Oats total 470calories, 21g protein, 75g carbs, 8g fat
Meal one totals: 520calroies, 44g protein, 75gcarbs, 12gfat

2.5 hrs later.

140g cooked chicken ( in chilli spices) 240calories, 44g protein,5g fat

  • 2servings veg (peppers + tomatoes)
    200g cooked sweet potato 180calories, 41g carbs, 4g protein.
    Meal totals: 420calories, 48g protein, 41gcarbs, 5g fat

    2.5 hrs later:
    Can Tuna 110g (spring water) 130calroies, 30g protein
    200g sweet potato (cooked) 180calories, 41g carbs, 4g protein.
    50g avocado 95g calories, 1g carbs, 10g fat
    405calories, 42g carbs, 34g protein, 10g fat

Pre gym:
Protein shake 100calories, 20g protein
2thermogenic tabs

	Intra workout  1+ litres water with 10g Bcaaâ??s + 10g Glutamine  

Post workout:
1.5 scoop Protein shake and 50g waxy maize 320calories, 30gprotein, 44g carbs
Banana (medium, avg 100g) 95calories, 24g carbs, 1g protein
Totals: 415calories, 31g protein, 68g carbs

1.5 hrs later:
140g cooked chicken (in chilli spices) 240calories, 44g protein,5g fat
2 servings veg. peppers, asparagus, broccoli etc

2hrs later
100g mackerel 182calories, 13g protein, 13g fat
100g low fat yoghurt 84calories, 4g protein, 13g carbs
266calories, 17g protein, 13g carbs, 13g fat

Pre bed
Casein with 2teaspns Udoâ??s 200calories, 25g protein, 10g fat

Calories: 2736
Protein: 291g
Carbs: 239g
Fat: 66.5g

what do you guys reccomend in terms of cardio, i train weights 6 TIMES a week 5x weights (cardio after 3 of these, steady pace 30-40 mins)
and 1hr pure cardio day

Thanks in advance

5ft 11")