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Carb Cycling & Peri-Workout Nutrition


Not sure if this fits into the peri-workout nutrition thread, as it is just as much about carb cycling.

Coach, since I am not an ANACONDA user (I don't think I am advanced enough to fully benefit from it and therefore justify the cost) I cannot post this in the Anaconda user's forum, but my question directly relates to something you mentioned there:

This seems like a very low carb intake, even on carb days, and as a result a very low calorie intake (taking into account 1-1.5 g of protein/lbs and 0.5 g of fat recommendations from the same thread). I understand that ANACONDA and MAG-10 have strong anabolic effects, but I am wondering about how big gains are achieved with relatively little "fuel". Is this a way of managing fat, or is it truly enough?

Bonus question (I'll understand if you ignore this one as just another "I am not using ANACONDA, but..." question)
On a related note, if one was using a protocol that is similar to the ANACONDA protocol, but not quite there (let's say 90% accurate, including CHY and plenty of amino acids, as well as a home-made FINiBAR substitute), would higher carbs outside the protocol be necessary to make up for the slightly smaller "kick" from the protocol? (i.e. giving slightly less muscle and slightly more fat than the official protocol, as opposed to giving a lot less muscle due to insufficient nutrients)



i have the same problem.


Why would "one" go to the effort of using all these products if they were not advanced enough for the Anaconda Protocol?