Carb Cycling (Performance & Look)

First let me state I do know and understand that the way to achieve fat loss is by creating a calory deficit and for that purpose only it does not matters if your are doing a steady deficit, carb cycling, keto or what not.

I’d like to have however some thoughts / experiences in terms of carb cycling and potential benefits (physiological or psychological).

Let’s say…

a) one person running a steady deficit at 1900 kcal per day the following macros - 170p, 170c, 60f (the important here is the carbs).
b) one person doing carb cycling - 3 days low (1700 kcal), 1 day high (2500 kcal, maintenance or above) - where days low are at 125g carbs and the 1 day high at 300g carbs.

So after roughly one week - 8 days - both person averages about 15200 kcal and have consumed 1360g carbs.

Considering the above is there any reason why the person b) would benefit from some workout better performance, better looking (muscles looking fuller and not so flat) or any other physiological or psychological benefit? or since the total amount of carbs and calories at the end of week was the same it would simply not make any difference at all?