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Carb Cycling or Low Carb ?

In the new article “Naturally Diesel” it talks about carb cycling and uses CT’s Carb cycling codex as a reference. But now that CT says that he would use a low carb approach (around 75 carbs a day) instead of the carb cycling. So I am wondering what I should I am generally just wanting to work on body comp. Should I give carb cycling a try or go with the low carb approach.

Just pick one and do it.

[quote]Brant_Drake wrote:
Just pick one and do it. [/quote]

Exactly, just try one and see how it works for you. For me the low carb approach works well although I allow for more carbs on the weekends.

I remember you from a thread a while back where you kept asking about a bunch of different diets. This had to have been several weeks ago.

Have you still not stuck to any given way of eating?

Did you buy Precision Nutrition? If not, why not? If so, why aren’t you just eating that way?

You are like a leaf blowing aimlessly in the wind. Just pick a direction and go that way for a couple of months.

CT has stated that he believes carb cycling works better if you’re fairly lean to begin with. Low carb is better to get you there. In either case, you wan to ingest your carbs in your first meal of the day and PWO; all others should be protein and fat.