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Carb Cycling, New Recovery Drink?


My recovery drink it pretty good thus far, however, I am planning on taking a carb cycling approach to my diet starting next week, and am a little curious, will the 1g of fat in my carb/protein recovery drink fuck it up?







dude. please read as many nutrition articles on this site in their entirety as soon as possible. you will be glad you did, and girls might start liking you. 1 g of any macronutrient is considered trace...


you are kidding right... card cycling buy 1 gram of fat is going to really mess things up? Wow. okay. go start reading.


um. No man. Be practical. We are talking 1g fat not 100G man.


Yes, there it would negate your workout in its entirety and possibly even set you back. I would either quit working out or quit using it ASAP


pictures or it didn't happen.