Carb cycling! my diet for FATloss&LeanGain! Criticize!

three days of lowered carbohydrates, followed by one day of increased intake (4day cycle)

Carbs (Low days): 120 (1585cal)
Carbs (High days): 240 (2065cal)

Protein (low & high days): 175

Fats (low & high days): 45

Low days
Meal 1 - 6 (Pro30)
Meal 1 - 3 (fat16)
meal 1 - 3 (carb40) Break,Pre,Post
Break Lunch and dinner if it is a day off from weights

High days
Meal 1 - 6 (Pro30)
Meal 1 - 3 (fat16)
meal 1 - 5 (carb48) (last meal just pro&fat)

for proteins lean proteins such as chicken and egg whites & protein powder
for fats in the form of flax seed oil or capsules like EFA Lean & ANPB
for carbohydrates, since the main goal is fat loss, only include low glycemic index carbs such as oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes & green vegetables like broccoli

weight training 4days a week (monday, tuesday, thursday & friday) sometimes saterday
Cardio 3days a week (tuesday, thursday & friday) After workout (40min mid intensity)

what do you think thanks!

I think it’s needlessly overcomplicated based on the stats you’ve given in your other post.

Simply eating slightly above maintenance level while consistently pushing yourself hard in the gym should allow you to take full advantage of “newbie gains” and likely lose a little fat while building muscle.

I would challenge that you have no idea what 120 vs 240 grams of carbs split over 6 meals looks like. Also you have no fats listed besides omega 3s. That would be disastrous. You should check out FA3, and also eat the whole damn egg please. Your carb choices look good. Proteins could use some more variety. Honestly, if fat loss is you main goal I would suggest that you approach this a bit more simply. It’s really not as hard this.