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Carb Cycling + MAG-10 Pulse



hypothetically if someone needed to lose fat fast (say a 21 day deadline) and could afford the necessary supplements would an approach like this be a smart way to go about it:

Day 1: MAG-10 Pulse Fast
Day 2: High Carb/Low Fat Day
Day 3: Low Carb/High Fat Day
- start over -

Protein would be kept about equal at both low and high carb days (let say at 1,5g per pound of bodyweight).

If there is another better approach let me hear it.

Greetings and lots of thanks in advance


P.s. yes that hypothetical someone is me - I lost about 20 pounds over the last 12 weeks with a very low carb approach and am looking for a finisher.


about 1.5 lbs a week is good , not to fast to risk losing muscle . did your strength stay the same ? , if so then why change what has worked up to now .if it aint broke dont try n fix it


Strentgth has increased - arm circumference stayed the same - so the diet went well but stagnated last week - and I have a bet running and need some sort of finisher kind of a last polish ^^


I don't think a complete diet overhaul is the best idea if what you are doing is working.

Adding more cardio, decreasing calories, adding a fat burner, having a cheat meal, maybe adding a pulse fast once or twice a week, any of these would be better than completely changing everything for a "fast finisher."


Hmm, it just got me thinking that CT mentioned you wouldn't "reap the full benefits" if you threw pulse fasts into a low carb diet.


what are your stats bf , weight etc ? and have you been having refeeds ?


Went from 220 to 200, 5'9, bf? No idea - upper abs are starting to show - I had a weekly carb up (anabolic diet style - one day of free carbs).


thats what i done when i was LC'ing .maybe just need to take a break from dieting and stay at maintenance and above for a couple of weeks to get over the stagnating but you want to lose some more in about 3 weeks so maybe something like what vikingsAD28 said .


Thanks a lot guys. I think I'll just stay with my approach and throw some cardio and the occasional pulse fast in. as pointed out by you.

By staying with my approach I mean remaining low-carb and not doing anything rush.


MAG-10 pulse fast, every day. It's called the V-diet. (or check out the 'Rapid Fat Loss" threads for other ideas.

But seriously, if what you're doing is working, stick with it.