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Carb Cycling Info


I posted a couple of times already, but just to refresh your memory. I am a random male subject weighting 69kilos for 174cms with around 10% body fat. At the moment I train 3 times a week for volume mainly and add a cardio session during the weekend.

I managed to drop that last point down recently and intend to keep it that way while gaining some muscle too.

So my point is I want to reajust my diet onto a carb cycling one. And now, beginner question. Should I go thibaudeau or Roussel?

Currently my diet is kinda Thib oriented. Three meals with protéin, breakfast, pre and post training. And the three other meals with prot and ‘good’ fats.

I am a bit lost to be honest between the two approach and would like some feedback on the results you guys got following those.

If there is anything I forgot please let me know

It doesn’t matter. Pick one and do it. They both work.

Well Thib it is then, thanks.