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Carb Cycling: How Many, What Sources?


hey i am kind of new to carb cycling, so my question is, how many grams of carbs should i take in today, and what is the best things to get it from. so far ive had about 100 grams of carbs. I had a poptart packet at about 715, went back to sleep (I went to the gym at 5) and I just recently had one serving of oatmeal


You should search for shelby starnes and read a lot of his stuff.


Buy and read this!

Can't go wrong for $10.



if thats you in your avatar id be scrapping the poptarts and focus on cleaner carbs


actually, im not the type of kid thats going to eat clean, at 17, were you?


There's an entire thread about this already. You aren't that fucking special.


read that.

if youre dieting, do not eat pop tarts for a carb cycle, thats common sense.

if youre shooting for mass gains, youre 17, you should not need to carb cycle, just eat above maintenance, your metabolism should be sky high.

regardless for carb cycling, pop tarts maybe pre/post w.o. a workout drink is easily cheaper. other meal carb sources should be clean, otherwise there is really no point to carb cycle if its not going to be clean. the whole point is to be "bulking" but only when you need to so youre not putting on lard all week. if youre eating shit all week regardless of how many carbs it is, you will put on lard all week.

rice any kind, potato any kind, yams, oatmeal, quinoa, ezekiel bread (only kind of bread), grits. Get used to it.


I was.

Why are you even worrying about carb cycling if you aren't going to eat clean? That's just ass backwards. If your idea of carb cycling is having 1 brown sugar poptart in the morning instead of 2, then you're fucked. Better decide now.


If you aren't going to eat clean, then don't worry about cycling your carbs. Eating clean should be step 1. After you get that down start worrying about special diets.


i dont care how old you are. clearly your bodytype requires clean carbs and if ya wanna ask us a question then ya better be willing to sacrifice if ya want results! eat steel cut oats and sweet potatoes