Carb Cycling Help

I am having trouble fitting my macros with Carb cycling. I am going to start this week but I wanted to make sure I have things set up correctly.

Maintenance: 3020 cals
25% Decrease to lose fat: 2416 cals

Carb Cycle:
High (2)
Protein: 267g
Carbs: 278g
Fat: 51g

Moderate (2)
Protein: 267g
Carbs: 222g
Fat: 51g

Low (3)
Protein: 267g
Carbs: 166g
Fat: 51g

-50% carbs consumed immediately after workout
-Other 50% divided between breakfast and PWO meal
-Fruit with breakfast
-Divide Protein and fats evenly between meals

Now the area I am struggling with is how do i fit 276g of carbs into 2416 cals?!
Is carb powder highly suggested for this reason?

Thank you!