Carb Cycling for Strongman Athlete

does it work with hard training?

What is your goal?

[quote]Kristian.H wrote:
does it work with hard training?[/quote]
Carb cycling can definitely “work” with any kind of hard training as long as it’s arranged properly (high carb days coordinated with the hardest training days).

This article talked about a few different carb cycling setups:

compete and come better and leaner in strongman sports. :slight_smile: im just rookie in strongman type training. [quote]JFG wrote:
What is your goal?[/quote]

As mentioned above.

I would personally go with 3 high, 3 medium and 1 low.

Around competition time, it would be a new story though. Depends a lot on your training style.

i think i start carb cycling when next month starts. i have competition 27.7 so i think i dont do changes before that.