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Carb Cycling for Gaining Muscle

Hello, I’m new here.
After done some reading about this diet, I’ve made up something.
I am 21 year old, 187cm height, 83kg.
I’m training for an year and a half. I want to gain muscle mass, but I don’t want to get fatty.


So what do you think? :slight_smile:

carb cycling is good; keep an eye on yourself though…not liking your gains? trim the carbs back…etc. etc. etc…

I think you should make your leg day a high carb day. Think about it. Your legs are the biggest muscle group and basically half of your entire body.

Also, from what I see it looks like you want to build your chest up more than your back since you are making your chest day a high carb day while your back is a medium carb day.

I don’t think you need a high amount of carbs either when you’re working your shoulders and traps (unless of course you’re doing Oly lifting).

this is wrong…

Legs = High
Shoulders = med
Chest = med
Back = High
Rest = low

Carb cycling, if done correctly, and in my opinion, is an aweseom strategy for adding lean mass. An additional benefit I find is that you will naturally rotate food choices, based on hwo you decide to set up your intake.

Now looking at your spreadsheet a few things occured to me

  1. Macronutrient amounts, your protein = around 180g, fat = 220g and your carbs vary, obviously.

  2. Rotation / structure

Firstly, I think that you would benefit from increasing your protein intake, particularly from lean protein sources such as chicken, turkey, lean beef + red meats and protein powders etc and reducing your fat intake also. Maybe replace one or two of your meals with the whole eggs for a chicken breast or 2? This would reduce the fat, and keep protein up

  1. How you structure your rotation is up to you. Now, generally, when carb cycling the purpose of low days is to deplete glycogen stores slightlty, so that when you have your higher days you can ‘afford’ to intake more carbs - to achieve a ‘supercompensation’ effect.I think that you could afford to take your carbs higher, if you lower fats.

Some think that you should have the higher carbs on the days that you train more, to fuel the sessions. Some feel that actually having more carbs on the off days is better (as long as you deplete yourself on your training days). Others like to rotate so that sometimes you have higher carbs on training days and sometimes on non training days.

Plenty of options to think about.

First, I want to thank you all for the posts.
I must say that my chest and shoulders are dropping back, so now my workout is to emphasize on them.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to remove the eggs from my menu. They have more cholesterol then the chicken meat, which is good for the increase of my testosteron levels, and it’s as good source ot BCAA as the chicken meat. I agree that maybe 220g of fat is more then I need, so probably I’ll reduce them.

Husk is a product in Bulgaria, which consists of fibers. The fibers prevent from fully absorbing of the fats, atleast I’ve heard that.
About the protein. I try my dinner to contain at least 20g of protein from meat, which I didn’t wrote becouse my protein intake from my dinner varies. But I think I can afford to take a protein shake just before my workout, and this will add more 20-25g of protein.

dude wheres the protein at breakfast!?!?! comes to like 20grams max!!