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Carb Cycling for Conjugate Bodybuilding

Hello Coach, I’ve read that you recommand that 2As should have variation in their diet for instance with a 2 days high carbs/low fat 1 day low carbs/hight fat then repeat.

Would that be suitable for your Conjugate program while trying to add mass?

Any nutritional program that has …

  1. enough protein to build muscle every day (1.0 - 1.25g per pound)

  2. enough fuel for your day (fats or carbs)

  3. A caloric surplus ON AVERAGE (for example if you have 5 days with a caloric surplus and 2 days with a deficit, your average will probably be a surplus, which is fine)

Will work to build muscle.

So yeah, carbs cycling will work provided that the 3 conditions above are met.