Carb Cycling Fat Intake?

I the the below formulas that I was given on here:

Day 1-2.5x Lean Body Weight
Day2- 1x LBW
Day3- 1x LBW
Day4- 2x LBW
Day5- .75 LBW
Day6- x1 LBW
Day7-.5 LBW

Keep protein the same roughly 1.5 to 2g per LBW

what should the fat intake be? right now, on Day 1, I have hit both Carb and Protein Macros, but my fats are at 35g. Should I keep them right here on my high days and up my healthy fats on low carb days?

By the way, I am 6’4’', 290lbs and trying to lose some weight. at 26% BF