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Carb Cycling & FA3/Flameout


hey Coach, Stu, or anyone really

i remember that in the video for when FA3 came out, Thibs had said that if you are taking an adequate amount of both FA3 and Flameout, one could not eat any other fat during the day and still be perfectly healthy. i was wondering if you were carb cycling, regardless if it was a low or high day, if you could just take Flameout and FA3 and not worry about fat intake, and just worry about protein and carb intake. if not, i am having some trouble figuring out how to determine fat intake for the different days.


What I meant was that with an adequate dose of both products you get all the essential fat you need for optimal body function. However if you go super low carbs and have no fat other than the 9-12g of Flameout and FA3 then you might be in a very severe caloric deficit which might be a problem.