Carb Cycling Example?

I was reading CT article The Carb Cycling Codex and found it a little hard to make a diet out of it. Does someone have an example they used while being on this diet and that I can see and tweak it to my specs, I would really appreciate it. Also what supplements used while being on this program. Thanks in advance.


Surge and maybe some post/pre workout complex carbbed veggies on training days.

none of that on your non-training days.

hows that?

Thank you but I was thinking of something more complete than that.

I have a copy of Tampa-Terry’s CCC 2.0 (Carb and Calorie Cycling) which might help you. It’s very complete. I’m not sure it matches perfectly with the codex.

It’s in Microsoft Word format. PM me and I can arrange to e-mail it to you.