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Carb Cycling Diet Attempt- Is This Right?


Hey guys, I'm a newbie to training (only been training a year or so; started lifting April 2009) and also an absolute beginner in terms of nutrition.

I recently read Shelby Starnes' carb cycling formula ( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_nutrition/a_beginners_guide_to_carb_cycling )And ran the numbers, I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, though, or if this diet is even right for me (hence to forum post)

Info about me:
165 lbs (75kg); 13% bodyfat
Sport: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)
Goals: Lowering body fat %; having enough energy to train
Training schedule:
Monday: Upper Body push; BJJ at night ("High" Day)
Tuesday: Lower Body; ("High" Day)
Wednesday: Complexes; BJJ at night ("Medium" Day)
Thursday: Upper body pull ("Medium" day)
Friday: Lower Body Explosive; BJJ and MMA at night ("High" day)
Saturday: Speed&Agility Training; Complexes; maybe BJJ and MMA ("Medium" day)
Sunday: Off ("Low" day)

So I ran the numbers for the macronutrients in question:
High days:
Carbs: 412.5g
Protein: 206.25g
Fat: as little as possible

Medium Days:
Carbs: 165g
Protein: 247.5g
Fat: 57.75g

Low Days:
Carbs: 82.5g
Protein: 206.25g
Fat: 24.75g

I'm shooting blind, in a sense here, so any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!


I'm not an expert, but on the low carb days I would boost up the fat intake a bit.


From what Ive read carb cycling is 3 low carb/1 high carb day. So your three days you eliminate carbs as much as possible. Eat proteins and heatlthy fats. Then on your high day you have a very high amount of carbs and calories.



I've used carb cycling in the past, but I already was in contest shape already.

For someone new to nutrition it may be easier finding out what your maintenance is and eating near or below that -- maybe slightly higher the day you train legs.

My .02


Google "carb cycling for mma fighters". It might give you a little extra insight into how to manipulate the macros for BJJ. It might also be the same exact recommendations as the link you posted. I didn't check.


There are about 100 different ways to cycle carbs... there isn't a one size fits all plan.

That's also incredibly broad advice to go low carb/keto and then a "very high amount of carbs and calories". Does that mean 200 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams, 2000 grams etc?