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Carb Cycling Critique

I am 182 pounds @ 16% bf, 5’6

I plan on losing as much bodyfat as possible in the next 5 weeks

Here is my outline:

Week 1 - 2 = 3 high, 1 mod, 2 low
Week 3 = 1 high, 2 mod, 3 low
Week 4 - 5 = 1 high, 1 mod, 4 low
Refeed every 7th day

High: CHO 150, FAT 15
Mod: CHO 100, FAT 30
Low: CHO 50, FAT 45
Refeed: CHO 500+,FAT 0

My questions regarding this,

  1. Changing my re-feed to a training day and leaving my weekends on low carb?
  2. Instead of decreasing my high days and increasing my low days, should I begin with higher carbohydrates and gradually decrease them as the weeks go on, while keeping the days the same?

You’re 16% bodyfat, which is NOT lean! Why are you doing carb cycling when you can lose weight with plain old calorie sutraction and/or more physical activity?

Are you carbohydrate and fat gram counts referring to DAYS’ worth? 150 grams of carbs is NOT a high amount of carbs for most active people and 100 is pretty low in most cases.

  1. Refeeds and high carb intake are best done on a training day.
  2. Decrease them to what? You’re already running on or near empty for all days (50 to 150).

Someone in your position–nutrition education level and bodyfat percentage–doesn’t even have to bother with this fancy stuff at the moment.

for your answer to part 2

I was thinking something along the lines of this for example

Week 1 - High 300, Mod 225, Low 150
Week 2 - High 275, Mod 200, Low 125
Week 3 - High 250, Mod 175, Low 100
Week 4 - High 225, Mod 150, Low 75
Week 5 - High 200, Mod 125, Low 50

It could work considering you have the intention of lowering total calories by lowering carbs.

Again, why do you want to do this when you can lose weight at 16% bodyfat from a regular lifestyle diet and increased activity?