Carb Cycling Complex - Help Measuring

I have tried to measure my calories and nutritions in this one, but I don’t know if this is right. Could someone check this?

Goal: fatloss
Pounds : 138

High calorie day: 2465- proteins 990 cal, carbs 1125 cal, fat 350
Moderate calorie day: 2240 calories , 900 cal carbs, 900 cal proteins, 440 cal from fat
Low days: 2015 cal, 675 cal from carb, 806 cal from proteins and 722 cal from fat (?) is this right??

Seems like a good level to start at if you’re losing fat on it.

I don’t know about that, the people in-the-know here probably need more info to give you a fair assessment.

I just saw your screen name and had to do a double take. Was expecting the worst from the avatar.

#'s don’t look horrible, but I am curious what your BMR is (actually, how much LBM you’re carrying). I’ve seen some men diet at the # of cals you have on your moderate day, but to be honest, I always thought they were drastically undereating. As accurate as you may try to be, the bottom line with any calculation of numbers will come down to what you look like/weigh at the end of the week. At which point you can make the necessary adjustments.



I’m a girl who have been following CCC for leanness earlier. Now I want to gain som muscles and use the same program for this. The question I have is: On high days my carb inntake is 300g. I usually eat oatmeal because of allergies etc, but if I measure 300g carb in oats, it will be far more calories than I’m supposed to have. So wich one do I follow`? The correct carbinntake this day or calories ( less carbs)

Thanks for answear !:slight_smile: