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Carb Cycling Codex


Hello everybody,
I honestly did not know where I had to put this (as it was CT's article) but at the same time the man is propably busy with more important stuff anyway and I hate to bother busy people.

Background info:
I am now part of a powerlifting club. The big guys accepted me and let me train with them side by side. I join them on their heavy Bench and Squat days on Mon/Thu and train Deadlift on Fridays. Tue/Wed are dedicated to facepulls, glute hams and "bodybuilding" stuff. I get in for maybe 30minutes and get out feeling less sore and refreshed.

Additionally I accepted a job where I have to carry baggage(some stuff is pretty heavy) arround 10 hours on Sat & Sunday. I also have to get everywhere with my bike as I can't afford a car. The mileage per day is arround 20km. Take my daily job as a biology undergrad on top of that and you got yourself a fine mix.

Despite all the workload my lifts keep getting up.
All Singles:
SQ 140kg to 155kg, DL 180kg to 190kg, BP 105kg to 112,5kg
Done at a bodyweight of approximitely 83kg/182lbs (in ketosis)

The guys tell me I should compete at 167/76kg. First meet will be in April.

The problem:
I did Anabolic Diet for the last 3 months at a kcal level of 4000 and lost 5kg/12lbs.
I am lean but can't see any fucking animal protein anymore. I eat 1-2kg of red meat/fish, 500-750g eggs, 250-400g High fat Cheese EVERY DAY and it simply SUCKS. I eat arround the clock and I can't see that shit anymore. Eating less means having a bad day but eating so much gets me close to puking. Getting in 4.000kcals without Carbs is fucking psycho. Especially if you have to cook it all yourself.

I simply want to have a couple of days during the week where I can have some potatoes, donuts and some kefir with jam before going to bed.

Now Coach CT's article would offer exactly that but it is only for 5 days of training. Not for seven.

How would the carb cycling approach work on seven days of training?
I want to keep the High fat, High Protein approach up on a couple of days but have no idea how that would fit into the plan. Could you help me with that?
How "clean" should my carbs be?
How low should I keep my "off day" Carbs? Arround 30gramms?
Is dieting this way actually okay or should i just eat high in protein and not give a fuck about macros? (maybe i can outtrain my bad diet)

This is a long post and i hope you made it through without falling asleep.
Thank you in advance for your response.


Have you read the Carb Back Loading book? It's pretty good and allows for carbs, even some "fun" carbs if you want. Basically if you train in the evening it's low carb all day > train > consume all your carbs post workout. If you train early morning then low carb all day > carb load in the evening > train fasted in the morning.

I did the Anabolic Diet for about six months so I know where you're coming from. I lost 20lbs and my strength continued to increase, so win-win. But the diet gets old fast and if you end-up on vacation and eat whatever you want it makes it even harder to get back on. I actually read the CBL book about 3 months ago, implemented it, and I've actually gained 10lbs (eating about 1100 cal's over maintenance BMR) but I'm leaner than I've every been and I've increased my 1RM in all lifts. May want to check it out.


first of all thanks for your quick response.

I refuse to jump on the carb backloading bandwagon as Alex Viada teared the book to pieces in a Chaos and Pain installment during June this year.

"The concept might have some merit when it comes to helping people restrict calories, control cravings and take in an overall solid nutrient profile, but thereâ??s no magic to it. The concept of clinically significant modulated tissue response using your bodyâ??s natural hormones is bullshit. Which, yes, basically undercuts the entire premise. If the tagline was â??CBL- itâ??ll make you less hungry during the day and youâ??ll lose weightâ??, Iâ??d say GREAT. But no, itâ??s pages and pages of hyperbole and in-text citations to 20 year old studies on diabetics."

I am not going to link the blog as it is Rated Mature, but I'd recommend you to check it out.


Yeah, it definitely loses it's luster after a while. I recently read Lyle McDonald's Rapid Fat Loss book which might be good a couple weeks out as well. Although it's very strict compared to the AD I think.


Jaynick I'm going to check that out soon although I doubt there could be anything better than the anabolic diet in combination with lifting heavy to stay lean.

All that aside, could I get some feedback for my questions?
I am as smart as I was 3 posts ago (no offense bud)