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Carb Cycling Codex


Coach Thibs, I wanted to start your Carb cycling Codex bulking system. A few questions if you have the time - do you still recommend this system for bulking/cutting? It seems very straight forward but are there any tweaks that you would make since this was published a few years back? I am currently on the Anaconda Protocal and will remain on it during my bulk.

Would I just add Surge Recovery PW after drinking the SWF before and during the workout, to ensure that my carb intake is where it needs to be on my high and moderate day? What are your thoughts on dried fruits (no sugar or chemicals added) as a carb source? The staples will be Quinoa, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and fresh fruit, but I wanted to get your thoughts on dried fruits and any other carb sources which you might add.

I appreciate everything that you do for the lifting community. Any feedback would be much appreciated.


Sorry, I meant to post this under the New training questions forum.