Carb Cycling Codex Questions

I have been looking into CT’s diet and I am really excited to use it; however, I have a lot of questions. Most of these questions are asked on the orginal article but they are not answered. I was wondering if anyone knew where the answers to these questions were (I searched the site for over an hour). If not can anyone answer my questions?

  1. CT reccommends taking the postworkout carbs in the form of Surge and rice (brown or white?). Should you add the rice to the shake? In the mass phase over 100 grams of carbs would come from rice, is that right? Can you use another source of low gi carbs like oatmeal?

  2. I did the calculations and at 171 lbs. and 6 ft. tall (between moderately and very active, 1.7 multiplier) my calories came out to 3,265. When I increase them for the bulking cycle I get 3755 calories. According to CT’s reccomendations I would have 257 g of P (1.5 x BW), 257 g of C, and 190 g of F. Then he says to divide the 190 grams of fat equally between 3 meals; thats 63 grams of F a meal (760 calories P+F meal) - That can’t be right.

  3. I was also planning on starting BB’s New Frontier program and was wondering how I could manipulate CT’s program to work for the 2 a day workouts?

Sorry bout all the questions - I would love any help


Anyone out there useing carb codex???

I tried to manipulate the numbers to work for a mass phase w/ BB’s New Frontier - I uped protein and carbs to 1.65 lbs. per lbs. of BW, added 12 grams of fat to my P+C meals, and split up the remaining fat between 4 meals instead of 3. This gave me only 32 grams of fat per meal instead of over 50.

Using it in conjunction with BB New Frontier, I simply split my daily carbs into three meals - 2/5 in one PW meal, 2/5 in another PW meal, and the remaing 1/5 in another P+C meal. This other four meals are P+F.

Im still unbelievably confused with CT’s PW suggestions, the whole rice thing.

Comments/Ideas on my modifications or info on the diet?


The fat calculations seemed to be off for me too.

Just use numbers that sound more correct, put your carbs up higher on high days.

The main idea is that you cycle low,medium,high carb days, the fat is there just to supply calories.