Carb Cycling Codex Question

Thibs, or anyone else,
I’ve been on a clean bulk for about 8 months now, ingesting at least 50g of carbs per meal 6 times a day, so my caloric intake is at around 4000-4500 calories. Throughout this I’ve maintained my bodyfat at around 8% until recently where fat levels have increased.

Anyway I was just going over your carb cycling article and put in my numbers etc and my estimated calories was only around 3000. Do you recommend that I follow this? as it would result in a big drop in my calories anyway.
Also, overall do you still recommend following the layout you instructed in this article? I realized it was posted in 2005 and there have been a few other articles posted since by Starnes and Dr Clay which have some different points to you in terms of carb intake (eg having next to no carbs on low days and no carbs after a certain time)
Hope I’m making some sense here


edit: Forgot to mention, my goal is to continue to put on lean muscle, and from what I’ve read in these articles and from other bodybuilders, is that fluctuating carbs is a better way to see gains than a straight out bulk like I’ve been doing.


So…somthing just struck me like lightning. I’ve been following the Carb Codex (bulk) for about 8 weeks now. I’m about 9lbs above the ripped weight I started at. Are we to re-evaluate carbs each week (weigh in) and adjust our caloric requirements based on that??? If so I’m an idiot.

Same question for Carb Codex (cutting), each week should we re-evaluate the formula?

brandon, while i’m not Thibs, I think I can weigh in here slightly.

From what I’ve read from other authors on carb cycling, obviously the generic formulas and rules (eg Shelby Starnes 2-3g per lb of bodyweight etc) will not apply to everyone and its imperative to take pictures and measurements as you have.
So you need to constantly be analytical of the results you’ve been getting and tweaking the carb cycling methods you use every few weeks to stay on track.

That being said, I doubt changing it every week to match slight changes in your bodyweight is necessary, it seems excessive. Every 3 or 4 weeks should be more appropriate to allow the body to adjust properly, as your weight can fluctuate by a few kilos on a weekly basis just on hydration levels etc alone.
hope that helps.
by the way I worked out the problem so don’t need to address my question anymore.


Thanks for that I appreciate it. I think the best plan is perform the bulk cycle for 8-12 weeks watching weight…based on the inital ripped bodyweight formulation at the begining. Every week or so adjust carbs slightly if body weight stablizes. Then do a cut cycle back to ideal body fat levels. Once met, then re-evlauate the formula for another bulk cycle.

Yeah thats it!