Carb Cycling Codex Problems

New to the forums…been reading a while.

Goals are to gain LBM and stay as lean as I can so I figured I’d give the Carb Cycling method a try.

I read through CT’s carb cycling codex article and tried to come up with my numbers but it just seems ridiculous.

Stats: 193lbs, 15% bodyfat, 178 cm, Age: 22

According to the article, I should be taking in 290g of protein every day (1.5g per lb) and then 290g carbs on moderate days (same as protein intake).

My average calories per day are 3854 cals (added 20% from 3212 for mass gain)

So 290g protein/290g carbs = 2320 calories, leave 1534 left…

So that means I have to eat 170g of fat per day? Doesn’t seem right. And another problem I see, is the fact I can’t have fat around the workout meals which leaves me to about 40-50 g of fat per meal…which doesn’t sound right.

On top of that, how do you guys deal with the Carbs around morning/pre/post workout. It says to take 50% of carbs post workout…so for me thats 145g of carbs in post workout shake? Again, doesn’t seem right…

Any help on this guys would be appreciated…I’m really frustrated because these numbers don’t seem right, too many carbs and fat in one sitting.

Pro-a-gression actually made an excel sheet for this very diet.

You can check it out there.