Carb Cycling Codex - Help Needed

I know you all may be busy; I’ll try to be brief and all help will be greatly appreciated as I am really dedicated to my goals.

Just read carb cycling codex, great stuff. I’ve always been slightly “chunky” since I was young (even in college when I was semi-“fit”) and have recently been on a mission to be at 7% body fat.

I’ve been on your program for about 1.5 months now and have dropped 10 lbs and 3% body fat. I’m 155 lbs now at about 12% body fat (I can see my abs by flexing). Problem: I’m at a stand still and haven’t improved in about 3 weeks. My macronutrient levels are (I workout about 4 times in a 7-day week and have a desk job, but I use the city public transpo a lot):

P: 205, C: 192, F: 34
P: 205, C: 170, F: 34
P: 205, C: 107, F: 34


  1. See anything I’m doing wrong in terms of my levels?
  2. When Christian says decrease carbs by 20 after about 4 weeks, do fats and protein stay at the same level you started out on? For example, if I would decrease my HIGH to 172, would protein stay at 205 and Fats stay at 34 (even though that may not mean I’d decrease total calories)?
  3. Should I go a no carb day on my low carbs? I think I need to have more low/no carb days consecutively?
  4. He mentioned eat Buckwheat pancakes; would whole-wheat pancakes (whole-wheat flour) also work?
  5. I usually eat fat and casein before bed (e.g., whole eggs with protein shake); any suggestions?
  6. Other suggestions in terms of amount of cardio I should be doing w/o losing muscle?



First off your fat is supposed to be higher on low days while protein is slightly higher. On high days your fat should be low as possible.

At 155lbs why are you worried about losing fat? Are you under 5’? I bet if you gained some muscle your physique would look just fine without cutting any weight.

Who at 155 POUNDS fucks with carb cycling?!!!

ahuitzil does! He should carb overload and chain himself to the power rack.