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Carb Cycling Cheat Days

Is there anyone who uses the Carb Cycling method that Thib wrote about a while back? I’m gonna start using it as of next week and was just curios whether or not you get a cheat day on it?

Does the article say there is a cheat day?

I’m following this method attempting to add size and it’s going good. What are you applying it for, loss or gain? But anyway, why would you want to include a cheat day? Instead, try to make your own version of what you would like to eat so that it complies with your nutrient breakdown.

No the article doesn’t say but i’ve read a few of Thibs threads and he says he has a cheat day in his current diet.
Most definitely for size! What sort of results have you gotten??

I’ve done carb cycling for cutting before. I basically keep my carbs to a miniumum during the week (except for post workout), then load em in on weekends. I usually add in a lot of fish oils and bcaas to prevent muscle loss. Has worked pretty well for me in the past.


The diet is going really well, I’m getting stronger and my weight is slowly creeping up while bf accumulation remains low. I’m tempted to try CT’s mixed nutrition approach but I’m not too sure how to transition from my current approach to this other one so I’m going to read up on that and eventually attempt a transition.
I think the cycling approach is a good way to add size because it allows for positive gains while the negative gains remain small. I don’t have any cheat days because I don’t find them necessary. I like eating as I do, strictly for function. How’s it coming along for you?