Carb Cycling and Training Critique

Hey guys, I am hoping you can critique my current protocol and give me some feedback on by current plan. Stats are as follows:
6’0", 185, 9-10% bf, 24 yo.
My goal is to get to around 6-7% bf in 4 weeks. Here is what i am doing:

modified TTT

i keep the exercises the same on monday and wednesday but change the friday lifts to deads, box squats, power cleans, BB rows and keg throws. set rep schemes are as follows:

mon: 6 sets x 3 reps
wed: 4 sets x 5 reps
fri: 3 sets x 3 reps

Cardio is added as incline walking 6 days a week for 30 min fasted.

I am, using a carb cycling type diet which goes as such:
Mon: high (6x3)
Tues: no
Wed: high (4x5)
thurs: no
Fri: low (3x3)
Sat: no
Sun: low

high = between 150 and 250g
low = between 50 and 100
no = 0 to 50

protein is fairly constant at b/t 250 and 350 g /day and fats are b/t 40-80g day.

Supps include Low-Carb Grow!, Carbolin 19, TRIBEX, M and Yerba Mate tea.

Please let me know what you guys think and any alterations you would make. my main motivation for this is i plan on entering a show next year and want to start my offseason training at a very low bf % plus i have a cruise coming up that i want to look silly for. thanks in advance.


Look interesting and will probably work. Might take some tweeking like anything else.

I havent done a carb cycling diet in a bit, have been leaning toawrd an eassier approach of just god balamced food, carb timing etc. Not to say the dont workand really are kind of fun. I say try it out and find how you reratc. the different types of foods how they effect you, etc.

Oh and the 3x3 day seem a little low on volume for my liking but hey thats just me

Good luck and nail those goals,

het phill, thanks for the input as you always have great advice. i have tried the traditional 40/40/20 with a caloric deficit and that has gotten me to where i am today but i just cant seem to lose any more bf%. obviously i want to keep as much muscle as possible and maybe even gain some so i figured i will give this a shot. if anybody elase has tried this let me know how it worked for you.

No problem man.

I just couldnt leave you hangin.

Give it a go I found such a diet fun at times and it can be effective.

Let us know how it goes.