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Carb Cycling and Thermogenics


So I'm doing a cut right now involving three strength training days, a strongman day, and 4-6 cardio workouts per week (jump rope, hill sprints, tire sled). I'm following a carb cycling plan, modeled after CT's Carb Cycling Codex article, where my medium and high days all coincide with strength days.

I'm about a month in, and was considering experimenting with a thermogenic to see how my progress is effected. I'm not entirely sure how such a supplement should fit in with a variable calorie diet. My thought is that during the thermogenic cycle, I should use them only on medium or low carb days. It doesn't seem to make much sense to take them on days where I'm intentionally eating at about a maintenance level. Does anyone have any experience in the matter, or perhaps have some knowledge to shed?


I have experimented to some extent with this, both using the thermogenics on every day, and leaving it out on maintenance days.

Having seen little difference between these methods, I now leave the thermogenics out on the carb-ups/refeeds/high CHO days, being that this lowers my costs, lowers my exposure to stimulants, and yet seems equally effective.

Others, however, may have contrasting views.



P.S. If we are talking about a thermogenic with anabolic components, like HOT-ROX, it may be worth noting that people (for instance the Mighty Stu) have found an anabolic effect from such supplements.

This being the case, including the thermogenic/anabolic may be wise to maximize what little anabolism may occur on a high CHO day.