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Carb Cycling and Lean Mass Gains


Hey CT,
I am 5'10 170lbs and 11.5% bf. I want to gain mass without gaining much fat. I use a 4day split (1) horiztonal push-pull (2) legs (3) vertical push-pull (4) arms and I am using the techniques you have mentioned in the I,BODYBUILDER program. I am happy with my training but had a question about the nutrition.

1)What do you think is more effective eating same amount of calories each day of the week ( i.e. 3000cal) or carb cycling be a better approach eating more calories/carbs on the days I workout and fewer calories/carbs on my off days?

2)if carb cyclying is the better choice, would you recommend 3 carb/protien/veggies meals and 3 protein/fat/green veggies meals?

Currently my diet consists of:
Protein- eggs, chicken, fish, pork-tenderloin, Metabolic Drive
Carbs- FINiBARs, all types of berries, kiwis, apples, oranges, pears, oatmeal ( amount varies depending on whether it is a workout day or not and don't eat oatmeal on my off days)
fats- mixed nuts, almonds, Flameout, FA3

workout days: protein is 210-220g, carbs 270-300g, and fats 80-90g
non-workout days: protein is 210-220g, carbs 100-125g, and fats 80-90g

thanks for your time,