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Carb Cycling and Exogenous Insulin

Has anyone tried the carb cycling method when training around 1800 (6PM), with insulin pre and/or post training or with any success in general?

My diet structure for carb cycling is as follows:
0600-carb/protein meal for glycogen reload following sleeping (100g carbs).
0900, 1200, 1500 fats/protein ok.
1700 (pre trg: 30ml MCT+ no carb pre workout
1800-2000 train.
2000-70g dextrose, BCAA, vit C, + 30g protein (15 min later) & 60g oats(30g carbs)
2200-oats/brown rice (100)g carbs, chicken & broc.

100g carbs an hour before bed? Surely glycogen refill would be complete and this is overkill?

Although according to the carb cycling breakddown here:

i should be having more carbs (390 on moderate days) and have a generally high carb diet, more than 100g carbs/meal seems excessive. Anyone’s thoughts on this? Even with insulin, 10g carbs/IU of insulin is the standard, so anymore than this without that chemical aid seems like a good recipe for fat storage.

I would prefer to run insulin pre training and carbs peri workout (100g)
which should adequately replenish glycogen, allowing for a fat meal before bed (2200)

If that doesn’t fit my schedule or fats around 1500 is too late and there is excess fat gain from the insulin i can run insulin post training & reload glycogen with 10IU insulin around 2000 with a similar carb protocol, although only 50g carbs at 2200.

Can anyone provide any feedback or thoughts on the best method for insulin use for this method of eating or any reasons why this method of carb cycling isn’t a good option given my average carb intake is 400g and i am pretty lean now (prob 10-12%BF)