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Carb Cycling and Bulking?


I have been low carb for 15 weeks,stripped the fat and now I have finally have made the decision to start my very first bulking phase. I have read Thib's article on carb cycling but as I am very busy with work at this point in time I'm not exactly sure what approach I should take with carb intake. For example-
When I workout I give 100% like anybody would which leaves that particular muscle group sore the next day and even sorer on the following day. Just say for example I lifted hard on monday but I was unable to make it to the gym on the following tuesday and wednesday due to a busy schedule...

Should I continue consuming carbs on non workout days(at a ratio of around 40/40/20f) to promote insulin and therefore create an anabolic environment for my sore muscles? Thib talks about fueling your workout days with high to moderate carbs and limiting carbs on cardio days to get the best of both worlds in terms of muscle gain and fatloss. As my work is labour intensive and takes up the whole day this is a form of cardio but if my muscles are sore it seems to make sense to take advantage of insulin to push protein to my muscles.
Any ideas people?


In my opinion you aren't at a level of development or experience where you need to be worrying about carb cycling and insulin.

Just keep eating enough calories and protein to grow on 7 days a week and keep your training consistent even if the exact day tends to vary (happens to me as well).


Thx ... That certainly sounds simple. I'm just a little worried I'm gonna gain the fat that I recently busted my hump to lose.


If you start gaining more fat than you like, start cutting out the sugar from your diet, and up the cardio.

You can't be fit and lifting one day and wake up tomorrow looking like a fat guy.