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Carb Cycling; Am I Doing it Right?

I’m new to carb cycling. I feel that I’ve gone as far as I could with conventional dieting, so I decided to give carb cycling a go.

I was using the article How Bodybuilders Should Eat as a guideline.

I lift heavy on Mon/Wed/Fri. I do steady state and HIIT cardio on Tue/Thur.

My question is the following. Is it okay to have 3 high carb/no fat days per week? Those would be my lifting days. My cardio days are zero carb/high fat.

My goal is to shed the last 3 or so lbs of bodyfat. Is it okay to have a moderate carb weekend? Overall, am I on the right track?


Your cardio days being “high fat” probably means high calories. Why not aim for a consistent amount of fat every day and cycle your carbohydrates (only)? This essentially will lower your caloric intake on your non-lifting days.

Moderate carb weekends sound like cheat days to me. If you must have a cheat meal, one per week is fine and the weekend is perfect for that, but if you only have 3 lbs to go then man up and eat better on the weekend.