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Carb Cycle for Weight Gain


I just completed a carb-cycle stint for body fat reduction and dropped to under 10%. I have never posted on this site before, but have read several articles/forums.

My new goal is to gain 10lbs while keeping bodyfat as low as possible.
I have attached an excel spreadsheet with a breakdown of what I am eating and when.

I know my calories will need to go higher...but for fear of increasing my calories too quickly and having my bodyfat shoot up, this is my plan for about the next month (if pounds are being added and bodyfat remains relatively constant I will continue to increase)

(I do not count fiber in my carb total)

(I do not count incomplete proteins -- i.e. if I eat 1/4 cup walnuts -- only count fat and carb)

(I do not count veggies as anything -- eat mostly broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, bell peppers, aspargus or greens beans)

I would like following feedback:
Is this nutrition strategy effective?
Any recommendations on improving it?
Upon increasing my calories -- I intend to increase each cateogory of my meal total by a percentage (i.e. meal 1 on every day Pro,Carb,Fat grams all increase by 5%..and so forth)


Thanks in advance