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Carb Cycle Critique


Hey guys I am currently trying to cut fat and possibly add some size let me know what you guys think of this carb cycle please

170lbs (bad body comp)
RMR tested in april was 1987 cals/day, Training 5 times a week

HIgh Days (legs. Chest/triceps)
2753 cals
250g protein
265g carbs
77g fat

Moderate Days ( Back/Biceps, Shoulders)
2543 cals
250g protein
265g carbs
77g fat

Low (calves/abs, off day)
2329 cals
250g protein
159g carbs
77g fat

Carb sources come from apples, pears, oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes
Fat mostly from almonds, fish oil etc...

Please let me know what you guys think, Im a little lost



you need to decide if you want to cut or bulk. im cutting right now and doing 100g carbs for 2 days and the 3rd day is doubled up at 200g. that's working for me, had to play with it a little. everyone is different, so if it's not doing the trick...adjust


sorry CT just realized i was in your thread haha my bad


Mitch, from my experience you need to determine what your main priority is. If it is to lose fat, I'd suggest lowering the amount of carbs even on your legs day when you are most likely expending the most calories. Are you using the Anaconda Protocol?

On your high day, I'd go 50-75 grams of carbs at breakfast, a serving(2 scoops) of SWF during your lift, and an apple or grapefruit with a protein shake 20-30 minutes postworkout. In the evening/dinner, go with a Lean meat, chicken, or fish and spinach or another green. Have a protein shake before bed. This will give you about 180+/- grams of carbs on your high day.

On your moderate day, cut back the carbs at breakfast to only berries. Also, you might want to only use one scoop of swf instead of two. Still have the fruit and protein shake post workout. This will put you closer to 100+/- carbs on that day.

Finally, your low day should be your off day from the weights. I'd ingest 20+/- carbs in the morning with breakfast (berries), and then keep carbs to a minimum. You'll be getting some carbs from your protein shakes, but your off day is a good day to eat more whole food meals.

Again, this is just my opinion. I hope that it helps.


if you are training hard and incorporating the new stuff ct is throwing out there then eating enough to sustain you for the workouts will be enough to gain and lose fat, if you are above 10% bf.

Eating like the guys in the Livespill and working out hard like I, Bodybuilder you'll have plenty of nutrients to grow, but not likely keep too much fat around. I tried last year to be very precise with a bulking diet and I think it defeated the purpose. too much time calculating and writing down and stressing.

Frustrated, I just wrote out the basic eating principles and supplementation and worked out as hard as i could with CT's principles. best results ever. just trust yourself and work hard and dont eat crap, your body will hit its sweet spot fast. getting shredded to contest level is a whole other game though.


Ya Im starting to realize that I am over thinking it ha

Thanks All!