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Carb Cycle..Codex Question..


i calculated calories and rounded it off to about 2700calories to lose body fat now are my calories supposed to increase on my high carb days or is it just the carbs that increase…? so confused lol sorry if its a stupid question…

220lbs currently
179cm height
trying to lose body fat

i work out hard 3 days a week M, W, F

T, Thursdays I run… Saturday and sunday jog or MMA.

im looking at 330g of protein everyday, 33g of fats everyday, and roung 275g (moderate) 300g (high) and 150g (low) of carbs on the following days…

and if anyone could suggest a good shopping list that would be help all i have on the list is tuna, chicken, turkey, lol

Just carbs, your supposed to lower your other macros on high carb days so your still getting the same amount of total calories every day.

Whey Powder

Brown Rice
Potatos or Yams

Almonds/any nuts really
Peanut Butter
Fish oils

Hope that helps.

I don’t know how much of your bodyweight is lean/fat, but carbs look high for the medium and low days, in my opinion. Other than that, it’s good. I love carb cycling, trust it, it’s more effortless than lower carb dieting styles, feels natural, at least to me. Read this, it will answer all questions, I think http://www.elitefts.com/documents/carb_cycling_mma.htm

moderate is only 25g less carbs than high. they are essentially the same

on high days you drop fat AND protein - you dont need as much because the amount of carbs are supposed to take over most of the anabolic “work”

on low and moderate days, you up the fats/protein (respectively) to compensate for the lack of carbs.

for fat loss i wouldnt have more than two high days, by the way.

IMO i would make high/mod/low be 300/150/50 respectively especially considering you only lift 3x per week

Thank you guys so much!

Yes the calories do change from day to day in the article you read I just read the same one.

The protein and fat macros stay the same every day so your high days are a couple hundred calories higher than your medium days, which should be the 2700 you figured and your low days should be a couple hundred below that. There are a lot of methods but yes the one you picked is that one.

imo I think it makes more sense to base your macros off of lbm rather than total body mass

[quote]MAF14 wrote:
moderate is only 25g less carbs than high. they are essentially the same

on high days you drop fat AND protein - you dont need as much [/quote]

^This,… and in regard to if your cals should raise as well on high days, I always bump them up too. The mental recovery aspect of high days is something that shouldn’t be undervalued. Sure there have been a couple of occasions where the day has gotten away from me and I may not have hit my target cals for the day, BUT I always make sure I load in the carbs on high days.