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Carb Cravings? It's in your mind.

If you’re on a low-carb diet, or just plain can’t prevent yourself from ruining your diet by consuming high-GI carbs, here’s how to remove those nasty cravings. It’s not pretty, but it works.

First, take your favorite candy: chocolate, edible panties, whatever. Go do what it is you do: watch TV, work at a desk, work on a computer. Place the -unpacked- candy directly in front of you. Go about doing what your were doing.

After a few hours, you should feel good that you have resisted the craving. It will get easier every time. IF, however, you make the mitake of eating one, slap yourself across the face, HARD. Each time you eat a piece, repeat the punitive procedure. This will associate eating the candy with pain as opposed to pleasure, and, sooner or later, you will stop eating that particular candy altogether.

that’s just plain fucking ridiculous. if you succomb to eating the candy the first few times, you will just accept the slap as part of the pleasure of eating the candy.

Or, get some Low carb Grow! which tastes great.

Paging Dr. Freud, Dr. Sigmund Freud!!

LOL i think you mean Pavlov. Your trying to use conditioning to help w/ the cravings, which is a good idea…but not necessarily this way.

How about this? You promise yourself a cheat meal once in a while, so you don’t have to feel guilty because you ate something you enjoy? I know some people are totally against the cheat meal, but if you don’t go crazy with it, it can really help make a diet easier.

How about SUCK IT UP. You will never slap yourself hard enough. Have someone stronger than you slap you, HARD. If you need help, let me know. Cheers.

Don’t bring candy into the house in the first place. That will reduce your temptation. Don’t go into the cookie aisle at the store, even if you are “just browsing”. Turn the channel when you are watching TV and there is a commercial for fudge brownies. Etc. Reduce temptations in hte first place, and it will be easier. I guarantee that if there is a chocolate bar sitting next to your computer, eventually you are going to eat it.

If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t fret. There are “better” methods. Tie your balls in a knot, for starters. If that doesn’t work, try applying a molten branding iron to your arse.

Ok, seriosuly this time: I’ve read somewhere that if you go for two weeks without eating something, it won’t appeal to you anymore. At least, you won’t crave it. Something about “reprogramming” the taste buds.

The original post was somewhat of a joke, I just wanted so see if anyone would try it. Hey, it might work!

However, a better method exists. One of the worst-tasting supplements ever has to be liquid Ginkgo Biloba. If you add some Ginkgo to whatever candy you’re eating, this might be a more clever way of conditioning yourself. Why? The purpose of eating the chocolate is to stimulate your tastebuds with a pleasing taste. If you add something gross to it, you are eventually conditioned to believe that it is not of a pleasing taste.

Like I said, I’m just throwing out some thoughts. It’s textbook psychology, and it might work, so give it a try if you’re having difficulty. I personally am NOT on a low-carb diet, but if you are you might want to try this out.

What if you enjoy getting slapped? Then, you will be getting two treats at the same time.

Here’s a funny story.

An old flatmate, John (6’3" 275lb, pretty well ripped), was dieting for a contest and told my other flatmate, Paul (5’11", 150lb - if that) that if he caught him eating off his plan, to hit him with a broomstick.

John came in one day and paul was eating chips out of a big bowl and watching TV. John took a handful and turned to watch the TV. So Paul hit him with the designated stick.

John turned around, knocked him out cold with one punch and ate the rest of the chips.

True story. And he won the contest, too.

Ouch! That wasn’t fair. Admittedly, the skinny guy was stupid to listen to him.

Fuck that shit, I gots an apple