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Carb CountDown Milk?

Has anyone tired Carb Countdown milk yet? It has a fewer carbs and more protein compared to regular milk. Or, are they just ignoring the sugar alcohols on the nutrition label?

Has anyone tried it in a cutting-diet?


I have tried it. It’s very good. No sugar alcohols or anything like that. It also has extra protein which seems to be from casein. No soy. I think it would be fine with cutting.

Couple of problems… 1) It’s pretty calorie dense. You couldn’t drink much or you’d get too many calories. 2) It’s so damn good (chocolate), it’s hard to stop drinking it 3) It doesn’t stick with you like whole food to prevent hunger. 4) I don’t trust low-carb marketing claims. Even some very well known supplement companies print what you want to hear on their label (read T-mag’s reviews on protein bars). I’d imagine these mass marketing companies would be as bad if not worse. It might be a decent idea to keep some in the back of the fridge for a middle of the night shot of protein but I wouldn’t use it as a regular meal replacement.

Well, that was exactly my point. Is it really a good deal or just another gimmick.

I noticed on the label that extra protein is from casein and whey (probably cheap ones).

The shit tastes great… creamy & thick

I tried the carb countdown milk and thought it was pretty good, you can taste a difference but It isnt bad at all. I didnt use it for a cutting cycle but I dont remember It being extremley high in cal. (it was fat free countdown) only downside I really saw was the price.

the fat free kind isn’t calorie-dense at all.

tastes hecka good, if a full serving has too many calories (it has as many as regular milk regardless) just dilute with water and some protein powder, it works. it looks legit as low carb because they just added buttermilk and cream which don’t have as much lactose in them. sweet.

The Skim Version isn’t calorie dense at all and has a decent amount of protein. No weird sugar substitutes either. I don’t drink the stuff straight so I can’t reall comment on that…just use it in shakes, omlettes and so on…

I’ve been using it for a month or so. Taste is okay (I use it to make PWO shakes w/ON Strawberry) or on a quick bowl of Kashi. Nutrients seem in line; however I am not using it to cut, just to keep with in maintenance.
Here’s their Web Site:

The whole milk version has 20 less calories than hoods regular whole milk O.o

I have been using “The Count” for a about six weeks on my cutting phase. 8oz of Count, 4oz of water and two scoops of Muscle Milk before bed. The skim version doesn’t have much taste but the texture and extra protein it adds to a protein shake is awesome. Only 3 carbs, 0 fat and 12 protein. When I’m in a rush, I add some to my oatmeal in the mornings for extra protein and added texture too.

I’ve been using it for the past 4 months and it’s good stuff. I don’t think any of the ingredients are questionable either. It has made no difference in me getting lean then before I drank it. It’s basically the same as a milk protein isolate shake anyway.