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Carb Clarification Needed

I’m interested in a low-carb diet… nothing too intense, definitely not ketogenic. I’m wondering about just how many carbs I should be eating.

Would it be correct to say carb intake should be dependent on your day’s activities? As in, if you’re going to have a relatively sedentary day, you would consume few carbs. Or if it’s a workout day, would you be a lot more liberal with carb intake??

Check out the T-Dawg diet for a good low carb diet. Another thing I want to add is if you are on a low carb diet of any sort a post workout carb/protien shake or meal as soon as possible is a definite must!

It is not merely carb load, but carb timing that is important in a low carb diet.

You want to keep a balanced and relatively low insulin level throughout the day, with the exception(depending on how extreme you get into it) of during/postworkout when you would spike your insulin in a healthy controlled way.