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Carb, Carbs, Carbs

During 12 week diet, was planning to use the following carb manipulation:

**starting weight 190 lbs.

weeks 1-2 regular carb intake approx. 180 grams /day

weeks 3-6 zig-zag (alternate low- 150g, med- 180g, high- 210g carb days)

weeks 7-10 regular (180g) carbs throughout the week, one double (360g) carb day

week 11- low carb (150g)

week 12- low to high carb (gradually built up throughout the week)

Obviously, adjustments can be made throughout, depending on progress- or lack there of.


Your variance between low/regular/high isn’t very much and isn’t going to be much of a change in how the body handles that. Personally I’d have higher variances. And just the manipulation of carbs doesn’t mean you’ll have progress. Ultimately it comes down to how much you’re eating, or not eating.

Appreciate the feedback. How wide of variance do you suggest?