Carb/Calorie Cycling?

Hey everyone, ive decided to make some modifications to my diet to try and cut some fat. Ive decided to do things differently than in the past though.

In the past I think I trained too hard while cutting, and continued cutting for too long.

Instead, my new cutting program is going to alternate periods of cutting and maintaining, or even cutting and building, that are short. During the cutting phase, training will be at its lowest volume, but so will calories, while the building phases will be the highest training volume and also the highest calories.

So I wanted to run the basic plan by everyone to see what you thought and if you had any recomendations.


Week one is Zero carbs (other than what I get from veggies)
Calories are also at there lowest level, which is BWx11-12

The way I figured out the calorie/macronutrient breakdown for the initial week was this.

1)Calculate Maintanence values

BWx18 = 3400 kcals
40/30/30 carbs/prot/fat ratios

2)Keep the prot/fat the same and drop the carbs to 0

So heres week 1’s breakdown

2000 cals (1000 from protein / 1000 from fat)
250g prot
115g fat


i’ll add in a SMALL amount of fruits, and startchy carbs post workout and possibly breakfast, but aiming for 30-60g max

i’ll continue to add in more of the fruit and starchy carbs PWO and breakfast.

switches to maintenance/building in which everything stays the same as week three, with the addition of carbs/prot in a during/post workout shake.


As for supplements, I plan on using caffeine during the cutting phase, and tapering it off by week 2-3. And then using creatine during the maintenance/building phases.

I’ll also likely include fish oil, multi vitamin, and BCAA’s


Training is a very basic full body routine 3x a week at week one. Basically the intensity will stay about the same during the whole program, but the volume will increase as the calories/carbs increase.

During the cutting phase, i’ll do the resistance training workouts which will take about 30 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of fast cardio or HIIT.

When I switch to the maintanence / building phases the workouts will be longer, due to the higher volume, and addition of isolation movements. Workouts will take about 45-60 minutes, and if cardio is done at all, it will be done on separate days, or separate sessions.

So there it is. Basically its 3 weeks of cutting, tapering into a maintanence/building of 3-4 weeks. If I finish the 3 weeks of cutting, and still want to cut more, then i’ll maintain for 1-3 weeks and then cut again. If I finish cutting and decide to build, then i’ll maintain for 1-3 weeks and then continue on up to building.