Carb blockers

Anyone out there have any info as to if these “carb blocking” suppliments work?

I had a few non-workout type friends that were using them and said they made a great difference, so I decided to give them a try. It was a waste of my money. Zero results. Granted this was about 2 years ago so the stuff might has been improved.

One of the side effects listed is possible intestinal discomfort lose stool. That sounds to me like anal leakage and stomach pain.

A friend uses the starch blocker made out of white bean extract or something. It doesn’t block sugars but bread, potatoes, or that kind of thing it works pretty well on. She used some while in ketosis, ate a moderate serving of potatoes, and stayed in ketosis according to her test strips. That indicates to me that they have some value. I tried them once when I was at her house. I didn’t have any negative side effects.

Kuel. Do you remember what brand she used?

Why not just avoid the carbs you don’t want?

The whole idea behind this type of supplement seems pretty silly to me.

Total Crap!..There has not been anything developed that can stop the absorbtion or diferentiate between different macronutrients. All these supplements make wild claims that have no scientific research. You hear all these adds on TV and radio for these type of supplements. Use some common sense…don’t you think if a pill was invented that could do this it would be on the front page of every major newspaper and be one of the top stories on most news broadcasts??

id be real curious to know how exactly it “blocks” a carb? i mean wtf, you eat a potato and it stays fully intact, passes right through the digestive track and out your ass or what?

please someone elaborate on this.

it actually prevents the enzyme that breaks down starch (amylase?) from working, so you don’t break down and absorb the carbs. So they act like a fiber does, and go right through you.

i refuse to believe that these products have any value at all.

If these products blocked any absorption of carbs, you would have good load of GI upset and anal leakage.