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Carb-blockers... new study?

Ok, so supposedly this study says that carb blockers block around 66 percent of eaten carbs. I have a friend that says she wants to try these things… any insights? Here’s the story.
www.wjla.com/ news/stories/1102/63867.html


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Hey, I didn’t ask if it was a miracle cure. The stuff definitely can’t block sugars and supposedly can only block 66% of carbs from starches. I was just trying to figure out if anyone knew of any negative side effects, or if anyone had any experience with these blockers and knew if they worked at all.

just to chime in, my roomate uses a product from ADVOCARE called “Sweetease” and says it works. The dude is pretty harsh on products too, so for him to say it worked is quite a statement for a product. The product is a carb-blocker, and no he has not mentioned any side effects from it. If I were you I would just use Fiber, ALA, and Chromium histidinate before meals with high sugar or carbs for that matter. Those carb-blockers would make life a lot easier for people who do not respond well to low carb though!!!

I got the perfect carb blocker, don’t eat carbs!!! laters pk